Exclusive: Ecclesall Road is most dangerous in Sheffield with eight serious crashes this year already

The route along Ecclesall Road South to Ecclesall Road had more major injuries than any other in the city

By: Jake Loader
Date: 25/11/2021

A ‘loved, cherished and precious’ teenage boy killed on his motorbike was one of eight victims involved in grim collisions on one of Sheffield’s busiest roads since the start of this year.

Ibrahim Warsame, 19, died in a tragic crash in the early hours of June 22 on Ecclesall Road.

Seven other people have been seriously injured in collisions on the same stretch from Ecclesall Road South to Ecclesall Road near the city centre – including one pedestrian, two cyclists, one vehicle passenger, two motorbike riders, and two drivers. 

Three other people suffered slight injuries on the route, meaning someone has been hurt every month on average, a Freedom of Information request by the South West Source revealed. 

Ibrahim Warsame (left) was one of eight victims involved in crashes on Sheffield’s most dangerous road

The statistics show the Ecclesall Road stretch has had more serious injuries from crashes than any other road in the city so far in 2021.

It comes after a group of parents campaigning for safety in the area said walking their kids to school was ‘like running a gauntlet of obstacles’.

Helen Boulton, 41, of Nether Edge, who is one of the founders of Hunter’s Bar Living Streets – which focuses on areas including the roundabout on Ecclesall Road – said: “It’s a stressful experience.

“I can guarantee there’s going to be something that makes me feel anxious. If my children were to mishear me saying go, the consequences of that error could be serious – if not fatal.”

Green Party Councillor for Nether Edge and Sharrow, Maroof Raouf, previously told the South West Source he would back any campaign that would improve road safety in the area.

He said: “There is far too much traffic in and around the Hunter’s Bar area during peak hours, especially considering that many children are actively using these routes.”

Other dangerous roads in Sheffield include Mortimer Road, which had a total of three serious crashes – including two fatal motorbike accidents.

Sheffield City Council is planning different schemes to improve road safety

At 13 crashes, Abbeydale Road had more than any other – but only two collisions resulted in a serious injury, and the 11 other accidents only resulted in a slight injury.

Herries Road was also a danger, with six crashes resulting in three serious injuries and three slight injuries.

Also on the list of Sheffield’s most dangerous places to drive is Penistone Road, which had two serious injuries and seven slight injuries. 

Petre Street had three serious injuries and one slight, whilst Savile Road had two serious and four slight.

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