Revealed: Sheffield teachers’ salaries amongst the lowest in the country

Teachers in Sheffield get a lower salary than those in Rotherham and Doncaster, according to new data from the Government

By: Kieran Aubrey
Date: 10/11/2021

The average salary for Sheffield classroom teachers is £36,906, which ranks 136th out of 151 local authorities (LA’s) included in data.

The three types of classroom teacher included in the data were; nursery and primary teachers, secondary teachers and special or PRU (pupil referral unit).

The schools included are all state-funded, meaning all private schools were exempt.

A spokesperson for the National Education Union (NEU), said : “We need a pay increase for all teachers and school leaders which takes a significant step towards restoring the cuts to the real value of teacher pay since 2010. This must be accompanied by the removal of performance related pay and the restoration of a transparent and fair national pay structure.

“These measures are essential to support teacher supply and education as we recover from the pandemic.”

The top five highest LA’s in the country were; City of London (£45,793), Camden (£45,591), Barking and Dagenham (£45,376), Tower Hamlets (£44,921) and Lewisham (£44,759).

While the five lowest LA average salaries were; Isles of Scilly (£35,266), Luton (£35,421), North East Lincolnshire (£35,676), Southampton (£35,896) and Leeds (£36,196).

Sheffield also ranks second to last when compared to the other major cities in South Yorkshire, trailing behind Rotherham (£37,516) and Doncaster (£36,977).

Julie Cooper, a former Sheffield teacher, said : “Teachers are some of the most important people in society. They are the ones educating our children so they can become the next generations teachers, doctors, engineers etc.

“But when you earn one of the lowest salaries in the country, it’s no surprise the retention rate for teachers in Sheffield has gradually declined since 2011.

“While teachers, NHS staff and other people with important jobs are struggling, MP’s have had 8 pay rises in 10 years. That says it all really.”

While classroom teachers in Sheffield average some of the lowest salaries in the country, this isn’t the case with headteachers in the city.

Sheffield headteachers teaching in state-funded schools earn on average £73,596, which ranks a respectable 80th out of the 151 LA’s.

The biggest disparity comes between secondary classroom teachers and secondary headteachers – where headteachers are earning on average £91,176, while their classroom colleagues are only earning £38,177.

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