Nether Edge woman ‘intimidated and scared’ by three masked thugs demanding sweets on Halloween

The 53-year-old woman said the young men were ‘in her face’ and called her a ‘f****** b****’ as she entered her home

By: William Holmes
Date: 9/11/2021

A woman was left ‘intimidated and scared’ by three teenagers demanding sweets in frightening costumes as she took the bins out on Halloween.

Eva Weltermann, 53, of Nether Edge, said the brutes looked around 15 years old and were wearing Batman, clown and the Scream masks.

“I was just taking my bins out from the front door,” she said. “A group of three masked youths caught my eye and suddenly they were in my face.

“The one in the Scream mask shouted ‘give us some sweets’ and I turned away, but then he blocked my path.

“One of his friends pulled him off when I walked away after yelling ‘is your husband at home?’”.

The confrontation took place at 3pm and Eva turned to Facebook to warn others of the hostile thugs before the evening’s festivities begun.

“From across the other side of the road they shouted ‘f*****g b***h’ and it was really intimidating and scary to have those masked guys in my face,” she added.

“Other people commented on Facebook saying they had the same problem with the boys. It was really unpleasant.

“I wanted to put a pumpkin and some sweets out but I will no longer do that as I certainly don’t want some masked aggressive teenagers showing up again.”

Eva’s young child also went trick-or-treating with some friends on Halloween under two adults’ supervision and urged neighbours to keep their families safe.

“I’ve never had something like this happen before. We live in such a nice area but my neighbours and I might have to start being more wary.

“During the encounter, I felt anger boiling up that I had to contain.

“To be honest, if they had kept in my way, I would have done something to them.”

The event left many fearful of answering their doors, with commenters on Eva’s post saying the ruffians had ruined Halloween.

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