New coffee shop in Bingham Park could replace the mobile Motore Cafe

A consultation is open on the proposed cafe, which would also have toilets and an activity zone educating people on the local area.

By: John Gilding
Date: 1/11/2021

The Better Parks initiative has proposed a new cafe and activity centre to be built in Bingham Park, on the site of the former rangers hut. 

The site is currently occupied by the mobile Motore Cafe, who have been serving visitors from their converted Piaggio for a year.

Neil Midgley, 51, owner of the Motore Cafe, said: “When we got our pitch in the park, they did say the long term plan was to build a cafe.
“It’s a shame, but I can’t complain too much because we’ve known from the start that would be the case.”

Before opening the pitch in Bingham Park, the Motore Cafe operated in the city centre, and still regularly set up outside Sheffield train station.

The proposal includes toilet facilities and an activity zone with local and historical information about the area, like the nearby Shepherd Wheel.

A consultation for the plans is currently running for local residents to give their views on the future of the space. 

Much of the plan is yet to be decided, and will be based on the opinions given in the consultation, to tailor the park to its users as much as possible. 

Mr Midgley also said: “There’s nothing stopping us actually tendering to be the people that run it.
“The thing that scares me is having to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds which I’ve never done before. But if it looked doable we‘d definitely go for it because we’ve got a lot of regulars and we just love the atmosphere there. 
“It would be great to stay, and there are definitely advantages to being undercover rather than being out in the rain.”

Better Parks is a scheme run by Sheffield City Council to improve the public’s engagement and enjoyment of the city’s outdoor spaces.

The window for people to give their opinions on the new cafe pitch closes on 19 November.

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