Ghostbusters raise over £250 and capture photo of ghost during spooky sightseeing tour

White Rose Ghostbusters worked alongside charity 8 Lives Cat Rescue for an unforgettable night of Halloween horror

By: William Holmes
Date: 31/10/2021

Yorkshire-based group White Rose Ghostbusters led a haunting search for spirits through Graves Park in aid of Sheffield charity 8 Lives Cat Rescue.

Across the two tours held on 29 October, £270 was generously raised and a sinister spectre was captured on camera by a shocked guest.

Adrian Finney, 38, of White Rose Ghostbusters, said: “There’s something very strange about this area, but that’s why so many people showed up on the night.

“During the first walk, there’s an area in Graves Park where people have frequently photographed ghosts and we think we got an image ourselves.”

Jenny Taylor, 68, snapped the shot by the park’s lakes and was left speechless by the apparent headless apparition in the photo.

David Bingham, 31, another member of White Rose Ghostbusters, said: “When most entities materialise, they draw in energy from the surrounding area.

“For a Class 4 apparition sighting, which is a full body, they can appear headless if they haven’t secured enough energy.”

Along with the ghost sightings, other paranormal activity such as black shadows, green and blue mists, feelings of being touched, cold spots and disembodied laughing have been reported in the area.

The notorious Bunting Nook was also included in the tour, which frequently tops lists of the most haunted roads in Britain.

“There is a tragic story about the ghosts of two lovers,” Adrian said. “Much like Romeo and Juliet, they eloped from their families.”

The old pathway is cursed by an eerie dog known as a Black Shuck which targets men, passengers in cars and can even stall the vehicles’ engines.

He added: “While on horseback, the Black Shuck appeared from Bunting Nook, and the couple broke their necks whilst falling off and hitting the ground.”

Another ghost named Charles likes to pull pranks on unsuspecting victims going down the pathway, with police officers in the 19th century refusing to walk down the street.

David described his first paranormal encounter as a child whilst visiting Eyam, also known as the ‘Plague Village’.

He said: “My scariest memory that really shakes me was when I was 9 years old. I had a Kodak camera and when the photos were developed, there was a woman in a black dress in the window.

“It’s really distinct and affected me so much that if you gave me a piece of paper, I could draw it right now.”

Since joining the group, the pair have led many events and ghost-walks, but newly teamed up with Sheffield-based organisation 8 Lives Cat Rescue.

Adrian recently found a dying cat named Jerry on the street who was miraculously saved thanks to the charity’s work.

“He shouldn’t be doing as well as he is, but 8 Lives Cat Rescue took a chance on him and he’s got a few happy years ahead,” he said.

“They go above and beyond with their care as can be seen in Jerry’s case.”

White Rose Ghostbusters is hoping to lead another fundraising event with 8 Lives Cat Rescue around Christmas of this year.

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