Dog owner slams Botanical Gardens firework display that makes precious pooches ‘nervous wrecks’

Dangerous chemicals being released into the air is another cause for concern during the bonfire and firework season

By: William Holmes
Date: 29/10/2021

A dog owner who lives near the Botanical Gardens has voiced his fury over the upcoming firework display on 5-7 November.

Oliver Guise-Smith, 39, of Hunters Bar, commented on the suffering his beloved pet, Florence, experiences during the firework season.

“My dog becomes a nervous wreck,” he said. “I live so close to the Botanical Gardens and she goes wild and hates it.

“I’m completely against it and how this has been approved by the Council is beyond me.”

The Illuminate the Gardens event will be Sheffield’s only large-scale fireworks display this year after Don Valley Bowl’s After Dark show was cancelled for the first time in 24 years.

Thousands of tickets have been sold across the three days, with revellers being treated to a DJ station, street food vendors and a tipi café.

“They should be using silent fireworks or none at all,” Oliver added. “This is on top of the environmental arguments against having bonfires and using fireworks in general.”

Between 5-14 per cent of the UK’s dangerous chemical emissions are produced around Bonfire Night, according to statistics from Environmental Protection UK.

Oliver also said: “A drone lightshow is an alternative to overly loud explosions that make all of our poor animals suffer at this time of the year.”

There have been many reports of pets’ distress due to fireworks in recent years, with the worst cases sadly resulting in the animals’ deaths.

The RSPCA recommends that owners give their cherished friends a place to hide during the displays and make sure they cannot escape the house if there are any sudden noises.

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