nPizzeria owner claims serial tip-stealer ‘needs help and support’ after spate of lootings

Restaurant and café workers are warning others in the south west about the mystery man

By: William Holmes
Date: 29/10/2021

A restaurant owner has questioned the lack of support available after a number of tip bowls and jars were stolen from his business this month.

Gary Hutton, of Nether Edge Pizza Company, had his pizzeria’s hard-earned cash taken earlier in October.

He said: “We had closed for the weekend at 10pm, and the guys were cleaning up in the back.

“We heard the bell on the door go, saw it swinging shut and noticed the tip jar had gone missing.”

The issue was raised on Facebook by Jonny Dean, owner of Cafe#9 in Nether Edge, to which many cafes and restaurants reported a similar man stealing money.

“It was the same guy that the other restaurants and bars reported,” Gary said. “I saw him on the street earlier in the week, too.

“He’s not a customer and obviously has an addiction to this.”

The inside of Nether Edge Pizza Company, with the bar where tips are kept.

Staff members from other establishments also commented on the tip-stealer, noting his chattiness and tendency to snoop around the buildings.

“He needs help and support but that is missing in the system,” Gary added. “We should be asking why he is this desperate in the first place.”

Nether Edge Pizza Company made the headlines in February earlier this year when their CCTV captured another wicked criminal break into the restaurant and steal a till, two iPads and tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

According to statistics from CrimeRate, Sheffield is 14 per cent more dangerous than the rest of the UK for shoplifting, with 3,036 crimes reported in 2020 alone.

However, the city is 5 per cent safer for burglaries, with 3,749 incidents confirmed.

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