Sheffield public transport gets £200m boost from the Government

The money is part of a wider investment into levelling up transport in the north of England

By: John Gilding
Date: 26/10/2021
The Government is set to award £570m in new funding to revamp transport in South Yorkshire tomorrow, as part of its Comprehensive Spending Review. 

Over £200m of the funding is expected to come to Sheffield, with half allocated to updating the city’s Supertram network.

Terry Fox, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “We’ve fought hard for this for a long time, and we’ll put the cash to good use to improve Sheffielders’ transport options.
“But we need much more than this, and we’ll keep pressing. To unlock Sheffield’s potential, we must have better public transport.”

The funding is unlikely to stretch to extending the Supertram network into south west Sheffield along Abbeydale road, instead focussing on upgrading the current system.

Money will also be put towards improvements to buses and active travel plans like the Connecting Sheffield project in Nether Edge.

The plans for Sheffield’s buses include new vehicles and priority over cars, as well as steps towards a zero-emission fleet.

The funding is part of the Government’s ‘levelling up’ plan and was secured by a bid to the Chancellor by outgoing South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis.

Coun Fox also said: “Sheffielders still get a lot less than Londoners in government support for public transport.
“For instance, the amount of funding on buses per head in London is £76, but in Sheffield, this is less than £5. So the government has a long way to go before ‘levelling up’ can be more than a slogan.”

The news comes amid rising speculation that the eastern leg of HS2, which runs through Sheffield to Leeds, could be scaled back or even scrapped. 

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