Plans to boycott all Sheffield nightclubs following the nationwide rise in spiking incidents

Campaign group Sheffield Night In has organised a boycott of Sheffield nightclubs tomorrow night in response to the recent spiking epidemic

By: Emily Pollock
Date: 26/10/2021

Nightclub boycotts have been planned across the UK over the next few weeks in the hopes of getting all venues to take the rise in spiking cases seriously.

Tomorrow night, it is expected that hundreds of Sheffield residents will stay home instead of going clubbing as part of a national campaign to create awareness of the spiking epidemic.

The event was organised by Sheffield Night In after the recent escalation in the number of people being drugged during nights out across the country.

Sheffield joins many other cities across the UK protesting for greater measures to be enforced to prevent incidents from occurring.

The campaign aims include up to date staff training on immediate responses, prevention and treatment, more obvious direction of where to get help in clubs, and bigger repercussions for perpetrators.

The campaign has received support from many societies, clubs and sports teams from both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam.

Campaign group member Sophia said: “The response has been overwhelming. We were really not expecting so much support. It’s incredibly heartwarming and we’re so grateful.

“We’ve had clubs who have publicly supported us and some have done a simple repost. As nice as it is to see, it would be better to see them adopt the recommendations we have laid out.

“We want them to take spiking cases a lot more seriously and better preventative and responsive measures to manage cases. We also want welfare officers in every institution who are designated to manage and deal with them, as well as sexual harassment and hate crimes.”

One University of Sheffield student, Cadi Panton, 20, explained why she will be participating in the boycott.

The Politics and International Relations student said: “As a young woman I don’t feel safe in Sheffield. I never walk alone at night, my friends and I all have a system of texting each other when we get home. I’m conscious more than ever of who knows where I am and who I can ring if I need help. 

“More than anything I am extremely angry. Women are being assaulted and attacked on our own streets and we are still told that it is our responsibility to stay safe. 

“I am in full support of this boycott and hope it raises awareness about not only the spiking of women in clubs but male accountability in general.”

The University of Sheffield’s Students’ Union has cancelled its club night ROAR which would usually take place tomorrow night to stand in solidarity with the campaign.

Instead, they are hosting a student consultation event inviting students to discuss what changes they would like to see.

In response, Sheffield Night In’s Sophia said: “We couldn’t have imagined this getting any bigger but for ROAR to be cancelled is crazy. Our main aim was to make sure the clubs were listening to us and Foundry has. 

“They’re going to have staff training which is a great step forward and I’d love to see what comes of that but we believe that nothing any of the clubs have said so far is quite enough.”

Read more about the Sheffield Night In campaign here.

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