Parents backlash over Covid-19 jabs at school

Several parents of the children who attend Hunters Bar Junior School have said they wouldn’t let their children get vaccinated

By: Kieran Aubrey
Date: 13/10/2021

Parents at Hunters Bar Junior School are concerned by the possibility of their children eventually being offered the Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccinations for children aged 12-15 started on September 24th, meaning the next group to be offered the jab will be those in primary school and younger.

Anna Hamlet, whose child currently attends Hunters Bar School, said : “I think children 10+ should be given the opportunity – but any younger, the vaccine would need a lot of upgrades as it can floor a healthy adult for 1-2 weeks with its side effects.

“Could you imagine putting a child under 10 through that? I hardly had any side effects but 6 months plus you have to be kidding. My son will not be having it until a child version has been researched and tested.”

A child getting vaccinated at school

Stephanie Louise, another mother at a Sheffield school said, “No not at all thank you, I’ll take my kids out of school before that happens.”

While many parents don’t want their children being vaccinated at schools, positive covid tests in the area is amongst the highest in Sheffield and the UK.

According to GOV.UK, per 100,000 people in Sharrow Vale and Brincliffe, around 391.5 have been recorded positive for Covid-19.

This figure is significantly above the Sheffield and UK averages of 342.2 people and 363.3 respectively.

While Schools in Sheffield will eventually offer vaccines to children under 12, many of them have made it clear that they will not be encouraging children to take it.

Linda Gooden, headteacher at King Edward VII school, said : “The school will not be offering any advice or guidance about whether your child(ren) should have the vaccine. This is a decision for you and your child(ren), in consultation with your GP, if necessary.”

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