Ringinglow Road residents fear deliberate dog poisoning after ‘sinister’ stranger scatters mysterious substance

Dogs had to be raced to the vet after a ‘sinister’ stranger scattered a strange substance in gardens on Ringinglow Road

Written by: Nat Williams
Date: 20/10/2021

Beloved pet dogs had to be raced to the vet after a ‘sinister’ stranger scattered a mystery sugary-substance, dog biscuits and what looked like crumbled firelighters in gardens.

The substance found on Ringinglow Road

The mystery substance

Locals are now terrified their pooches could fall victim to a deliberate poisoning.

One man, who lives on Ringinglow Road but didn’t want to be named, saw his whippet fall ill after an unknown person was caught on camera emptying their pockets around lamp posts and car tyres.

He collected the odd items left behind and rang the police, but was shocked to be told they couldn’t send it off for testing because it would be too expensive as well as not having a direct link to his dog’s illness.

“I’m not happy because I have two whippets and it’s pretty difficult to stop them from picking things up off the floor,” he said.

“Recently one of them got really ill. She was being sick a lot and her behaviour completely changed – she was lying around and not responding to us. Quite lethargic.

“We took her to the vet, who said it was probably kidney or liver related, something that she’d eaten.”

Similar incidents have happened to other dogs in the community, and after the initial concerns were raised another lady spoke out about her ‘frightening’ episode in which her puppy lost his balance and was ‘very spaced out’.

The stranger who scattered the substances was stopped and searched by police following the reports, however they didn’t find anything suspicious on them.

But locals in the area are still concerned and want to protect their pooches.

The Ringinglow Road man continued: “I saved some of it, I have cheese and some white stuff in a box just in case something comes up where I can get to test it.

“It’s hard to know what to do really.”

South Yorkshire Police has been approached for a comment.

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